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    Service hotline: shenzhen:0755-25857507 Hunan:0731-55880108

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    Shenzhen yue peng environmental protection technology co., LTD

    Telephone: 0755-25857566

    Email address: sales@yphb.com.cn

    Address: shenzhen baoan south road of hong hao yuan shang ge 20 c/D/E

    Hunan hunan Taiwan environmental protection of the next scene high and new technology development co., LTD

    Telephone: 0731-55880108

    Email address: sales@yphb.com.cn

    Address: xiangtan jiu hua economic and technological development zone dongfeng road no. 8

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    • The national key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project
    • Safety production standardization certificate
    • Safety production standardization certificate
    • Safety quality system certificate of registration
    • Engineering design qualification certificate
    • Construction enterprise qualification certificate
    • Pollution control facilities run service ability evaluation certificate level - industrial wastewater treatment
    • Pollution control facilities operation service ability evaluation certificate level 1 - the industrial wastewater treatment
    • Batch of circular economy pilot enterprises in hunan province
    • Environmental services pilot enterprises in hunan province
    • Authentication enterprise technology center of hunan province
    • Xiangtan city renewable resources recovery business operators for the record registration certificate