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    Pollution repair introduction

    • Pollution repair introduction
    Pollution repair introduction
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    Soil remediation is a technical measure to restore contaminated soil to normal function. In the soil remediation industry, there are more than one hundred kinds of soil remediation technologies and more than ten commonly used techniques, which can be roughly divided into physical, chemical and biological methods. There are many reasons for soil pollution, such as industrial sludge, agricultural waste, sewage irrigation, sedimentation of pollutants in the atmosphere, and the use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides containing heavy metals.

    Our company integrates technical advantages and uses imported equipment to spray-cure and pyrolyze contaminated soil. Therefore, the heavy metal ions are stably leached in the soil, so that the organic pollutants are decomposed and secondary pollution is avoided.



    Soil remediation is the use of metastasis, absorption, and reduction of primary techniques to understand and transform pollutants in the soil to reduce its concentration to an acceptable level, or to convert toxic and harmful pollutants into harmless substances. Fundamentally, the technical principles of contaminated soil remediation can include:

      1. Change the existing form of pollutants in the soil or the way of combining with the soil, and reduce its mobility and bioavailability in the environment;

      2. Reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the soil.

    The artificial water system purification technology is an ecological engineering method. The basic principle is to plant specific wetland plants on certain fillers, thus establishing an artificial wetland ecosystem. When the sewage passes through the system, the pollutants and nutrients are included. It is absorbed, transformed or decomposed by the system to purify the water.

    main feature:

    1. Full ecological treatment mode, which can reduce equipment investment

    2, low management costs, no operating costs

    3. It can be used as a landscape to realize the unification of environment and ecology.