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    A Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

    • A Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
    A Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
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    A Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

    Project Description: The original Xiangtan Chemical Plant was moved from Xiangtan County to No. 68 Yulan North Road, Yisu River after 1970. It mainly produces Lithopone, and also produces more than 20 kinds of products such as barium chloride and cadmium. In 2014, the company completely stopped production and exited according to law. In order to improve the regional living environment and protect the health and safety of the surrounding people, the Xiangtan County Government organized the first phase project of the pollution land restoration of Niutou Chemical Co., Ltd. The first phase of the project mainly relied on the treatment of waste residue and heavy metal contaminated soil in Niutou Chemical Waste Residue Field. Niutou Chemical Slag Field is located in the north side of Niutou Chemical Co., Ltd. until the Xiangjiang Dike. The waste residue generated during the production of Niutou Chemical is accumulated. The heavy metal pollution is serious and accompanied by mild irritating odor. The surrounding domestic garbage and construction waste are also dumped. The slag yard has had a certain impact on the lives of the surrounding residents. What is more serious is that the northern part of the slag yard is close to the Xiangjiang River, and its geographical location is relatively high, which seriously threatens the drinking water safety and residents' health of the Xiangjiang River.

    Project content: The chemical slag yard covers an area of 13,466 m2. The project will treat 17924.78 m3 of waste residue and 58322 m3 of contaminated soil in the slag yard.

    Technical route: After cleaning and classifying the domestic garbage and construction waste on the surface, the waste residue is thoroughly excavated and cleaned. After the waste residue is cleaned, the contaminated soil under the waste residue is layered and excavated. All the excavated wastes are transported to Kangda Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. for rotary kiln treatment, and the soil after excavation is solidified/stabilized, and then transferred to the designated backfill site after reaching the standard.

    Restoration effect: The waste residue is treated by the rotary kiln to meet the standard of hazardous waste treatment; the target of heavy metal contaminated soil restoration is referred to the “Remediation Standard for Soil Remediation of Heavy Metal Contaminated Sites”, Hunan Provincial Local Standard (DB/T1165-2006) Residential Land Standard, and the soil leaching solution is used for acceptance. Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard (GB3838-2002) Class IV Standard.