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    Wastewater operation introduction

    • Wastewater operation introduction
    Wastewater operation introduction
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    The commissioned operation of wastewater refers to the unified maintenance and operation management of the wastewater treatment equipment of the unit by a professional company entrusted by the enterprise to engage in environmental protection technology services. Manage the daily work of the sewage treatment station, configure qualified operators, provide equipment maintenance and equipment maintenance, and provide the required chemicals for the sewage treatment station.

     Third-party operations are full-service operations that allow companies to focus on production. Intensive management reduces the operating costs of enterprises. Years of experience in wastewater treatment, ready to deal with a variety of unexpected situations.

    The company's wastewater operation department has rich experience in electroplating wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, circuit board wastewater, domestic sewage, etc., providing customers with environmental protection guidance and consultation, personnel training and environmental protection facilities operation management, providing users with good logistics. Security and technical support. The company has strong technical strength and now has a professional technical team engaged in environmental pollution control for many years and rich practical experience. With advanced technology in the field of wastewater treatment, it has obtained a number of national invention patents and utility model patents. The project undertaken has a high technical content, which makes the wastewater engineering operation low cost, low total cost, convenient management and small floor space. Provide maintenance and standardization and rectification services for aging sewage treatment equipment to make the processing system more stable and reduce operating costs.

    After years of experience in wastewater operation, the problems of the site were summarized and a set of standardized operational procedures were formed, which improved the stability of the wastewater treatment system, reduced operating costs, and timely discovered possible problems in the treatment system. And put forward rectification opinions to avoid the emergence of the situation of production suspension!

    Service Process


    service advantage

    Technology: High-level industrial wastewater operation technology, a deep understanding of industrial wastewater treatment; through the improvement of technology, continuous investment in research, breakthrough in wastewater treatment difficulties, and high recognition of industry and enterprises

    Team: Efficient and professional operation team, the technical team tailors the overall solution for the customer; assists in the whole process of installation, commissioning and technical support, and provides tracking service for the whole operation service.

    Service: The company provides professional environmental protection laws and regulations. The company has profound industry and policy understanding, and can easily cope with environmental inspections. It can coordinate with the environmental protection departments and enterprises to deal with various emergencies.

    Efficient: Yuepeng Environmental has many successful third-party operating projects, has signed service contracts with a number of listed companies, in the operation of service production, to achieve no safety accidents, no excessive emissions, no production complaints of third-party operating service providers