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    Solid waste operation introduction

    • Solid waste operation introduction
    Solid waste operation introduction
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    Solid waste is a solid, semi-solid, liquid, and other waste material that is polluted by environmental production, daily life, and other activities. Solid waste, especially hazardous waste, can harm human health and the living environment through different ways if it is disposed of improperly. Solid waste is washed and soaked by water, and harmful components will be transferred to water, thereby polluting surface water and groundwater, causing secondary pollution. Solid waste operation is to concentrate wastes into qualified processing enterprises, and to make solid waste secondary utilization or reach national standard discharge through technical means.

    Our company is the only enterprise in Hunan Province that has both hazardous waste business license and hazardous waste transportation qualification in the environmental protection industry in Hunan Province. It has nearly 20 hazardous waste transportation vehicles. The transportation operators shall be unified in professional training, and they shall be certified to work. Safe and efficient operation.

    Service area                                              

    Hazardous waste collection Hazardous waste disposal Comprehensive utilization of waste Environmental emergency services


    service industry

    Machinery chemical oil and gas automobile

    Electronic pulp and printing metallurgy other industries

    service advantage

    Comprehensive service: unified operation management, assisting in environmental approval and meeting different levels of customer requirements

    Improve efficiency: the company's own fleet ensures that customer receipt and delivery needs are completed on time and in volume.

    Skillful skills: professional team to ensure safety and environmental protection during the collection process

    Technological innovation: continuous introduction and development of new technologies to reduce secondary pollution and improve the efficiency of solid waste utilization