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    Introduction to environmental testing

    • Introduction to environmental testing
    Introduction to environmental testing
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    • 售后服務


    First, the size of the company

            The company has a 2000m2 standard laboratory equipped with gas chromatograph, liquid chromatograph, ion chromatograph, GC/MS, LC/MS, high performance ion chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, atomic fluorescence photometer, More than 200 sets of large and medium-sized instruments such as ultraviolet spectrophotometer, infrared spectrophotometer, multi-function sound level meter, automatic soot (gas) tester, air/smart TSP integrated sampler, and fixed assets of more than 800 million yuan.

    Second, the company team

            The company has 50 employees and 31 professional and technical personnel, including 1 senior engineer, 2 engineers and 3 master students. More than 98% of the employees have bachelor degree or above.

    Third, business management

            The company has established a complete business management process and strictly enforces relevant technical specifications or standards for environmental protection. The company conducts independent testing and is not subject to any administrative intervention and is not subject to commercial and financial interference. The company personnel shall hold an objective, fair, fair, scientific and confidential working attitude to all entrustments, strictly abide by the confidentiality system of inspection data, and not disclose the test results of the units under test, and not provide the data and materials of the units under inspection to other units. Or used for product development of this unit, to effectively protect the interests of customers and the public.

    Fourth, quality management

            The company has a complete quality management system. The quality policy is fair behavior, scientific method, accurate results, and service standard. The quality target is the quality control standard, the test report accuracy rate, the test report accuracy rate, and the response rate are 100%. The company implements full-process quality control on the collection, transportation, preparation, storage, disposal, sample analysis and data processing of samples during the testing process, and is responsible for the representativeness, accuracy, scientificity, comparability and completeness of the monitoring data. And bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.

    V. Business capabilities

           The company has provided testing services to more than 200 units and individuals, covering the three districts of Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan. The company's testing program is complete, covering more than 600 projects including water and wastewater, ambient air and exhaust gas, noise, soil and solid waste. He has extensive experience in three simultaneous acceptance tests, environmental impact assessment tests, environmental (soil, water quality) repair testing, and corporate sewage detection.

    Six, contact information

            Tel: 0731-55550161 0731-55550162

            Fax: 0731-58222795

            Zip code: 411100

            Address: No. 8, Dongfeng Road, Jiuhua Economic Development Zone, Xiangtan City

            Website: http://www.hnjyjc.cn/

           Companies adhering to the "customer first" principle of service, strict implementation of testing contracts, with accurate inspection data, fair identification methods, satisfactory consulting services to provide customers with professional technical services, and constantly enrich the service content, improve service quality, Become a trusted technology partner for your customers.

    examination range

    Water and wastewater testing

    It mainly includes physical and chemical parameters, heavy metals and organic pollutant parameters;

    Air and exhaust gas detection

    It mainly includes ambient air quality, unorganized emissions, and various atmospheric pollutant parameters in fixed pollution sources;

    Noise and vibration detection

    Mainly including acoustic environment, industrial enterprise noise, social living environment noise, construction site boundary noise, urban road traffic noise, vibration, etc.

    Soil, sediment, solid waste, site testing

    It mainly contains soil element content, total solid waste and leaching toxicity analysis, covering corrosive, heavy metals, organochlorine phosphorus pesticides and volatile organic compounds.