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    MBR membrane integrated water production backwashing device

    • MBR membrane integrated water production backwashing device
    MBR membrane integrated water production backwashing device
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    MBR membrane integrated water production backwashing device

    Patent No.: ZL 2017 2 1202423.7

    Application date: September 20, 2017

    Announcement Date: April 13, 2018

    Main technical features:

    ü Structure: An MBR membrane integrated water backwashing device, including a bioreactor part and a water producing and anti-water control part. The bioreactor part includes an inlet pipe, a biological reaction tank, an aeration pipe, a membrane module, and an intake pipe. The bioreactor is connected, the membrane module and the aeration tube are placed in the bioreactor, the aeration tube is installed at the lower end of the membrane module, and the water production and anti-water control portion includes four electric valves, a pneumatic diaphragm pump, a clear water tank, and The water pipe part and the water outlet pipe part, the water inlet pipe part includes a product water inlet pipe and a backwashing water pipe, and the outlet pipe part includes a water production outlet pipe and a backwash water outlet pipe, a water production outlet pipe and the backwash water inlet pipe and the clear water tank Connected, the pneumatic diaphragm pump is located between the inlet pipe section and the outlet pipe section, and the four electric valves are respectively placed on the four pipes of the production water inlet pipe, the production water outlet pipe, the backwashing inlet pipe and the backwashing water pipe.

    ü Advantages: The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and less equipment investment, and only uses one pneumatic diaphragm pump to achieve normal water production and backwashing operation through the connection of pipelines and electric valves; the utility model is closed by opening and closing of different valves. Different treatment effects can be achieved, the control is simple, and the degree of automation is high, which can be greatly promoted in the application of MBR.