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    A new CASS-SSF sewage treatment device

    • A new CASS-SSF sewage treatment device
    A new CASS-SSF sewage treatment device
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    A new CASS-SSF sewage treatment device

    Patent No.: ZL201420241261.8

    Application date: 2014.05.13

    Announcement (announcement) date: 2014.09.17

    Main technical features:

    ü The treatment device comprises a glass greenhouse. The front and rear ends of the glass greenhouse are separated into a pre-reaction zone and a main reaction zone by a partition. The pre-reaction zone is provided with an inlet pipe and three flow dampers, and the main reaction zone includes a reed planting zone and a re-force. Flower planting area, windmill grass planting area, cattail planting area, Huangzhucao planting area, Qinshui area, Lishui area with water purifier and outlet pipe, decanter and outlet pipe connected, pre-reaction zone and muddy water area There is a sludge return pipe between them, and the partition plate is provided with a plurality of water holes. The bamboo planting area is provided with an aeration plate, a reed planting area, a re-flowering planting area, a windmill planting area, a cattail planting area, and a bamboo a packing layer at the bottom of the grass planting area

    ü The packing layer is a two-stage parallel floc elastic packing block fixed by ropes. The structure of the elastic packing is to change the original plastic sheet into double-loop large plastic ring, and press the hydroformylated fiber or polyester yarn on the ring. On the circle, the fiber bundles are evenly distributed, and the inner ring is a snow-like plastic branch, which can not only hang the film, but also effectively cut the bubbles, improve the oxygen transfer rate and utilization rate, and make the water-gas biofilm fully exchanged to make the organic matter in the water. Efficiently processed

    ü Introduced ecological engineering technology to support the large-scale emergent plants on the mesh of the grid, providing a healthy habitat for the growth of bacteria and other organisms in the sewage, using aeration and fillers to ensure microbial reproduction. And metabolism, using inoculated and domesticated microorganisms to decompose organic matter in sewage, converting it into stable inorganic substances, increasing sludge concentration, reducing excess sludge volume, high efficiency of COD and ammonia nitrogen removal, and improving the smell of sewage.

    ü The processing equipment is highly automated and can be unattended. The whole process of aeration, sedimentation, drainage and other processes are cycled in the same unit, eliminating the need for conventional activated sludge secondary sedimentation tanks and sludge return systems. Reduce sewage treatment costs, continuous water intake, intermittent drainage

    ü The treatment device has a high load-resistance and can be made into multiple stages in series according to the needs to adapt to different water volumes and loads of sewage.

    ü The glass room is treated with anti-corrosion treatment. The effluent water quality is stable and can reach the national first-class A standard. The effluent can be reused for greening or flushing water after further disinfection treatment, and can be applied to industrial wastewater such as domestic sewage or domestic sewage. It can be placed at the back of an anaerobic treatment system for industrial wastewater, especially suitable for building in communities or large communities.