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    Good news | view of environmental protection of the next 2018 third prize of science and technology
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    Recently, promoting the construction of innovative provinces of hunan and science and technology reward meeting was held in changsha. Published conference and for the 11th hunan light called awards winners, and 2018

    Hunan province science and technology innovation team award, 2018 natural science and technology award, science and technology progress prize of hunan province. Yue peng environmental protection group, hunan scene following hunan environmental protection high-tech

    Technology development co., LTD "series of industrial wastewater treatment and resource comprehensive utilization technology" won third prize of science and technology progress prize of hunan province. 2018 year



    The technology was Liu Yide chairman attaches great importance to the work of science and technology, the company increased investment in scientific research results; Also Liu Yide chairman and his technology research and development team to study intensively

    New technology, brave climb the summit of new scientific research results. The technology in heavy metal waste liquid, glass grinding ultra slim SS wastewater, containing fluorine wastewater and oily emulsified liquid, paint line

    Industry waste water, such as high concentration inorganic, organic waste water treatment and other fields to achieve the development and breakthrough, has developed five with independent intellectual property rights of special processing technology and the corresponding production equipment,

    Implements the comprehensive industrial wastewater treatment and recycling use. This project a total of 2 invention patents, utility model patent 18, 1 papers.

    This technique for inorganic wastewater containing heavy metals copper, developed a set of recovery technology and device. These technologies can match with different copper content of waste liquor of different technology and processing equipment, should be

    After using improved product quality and reduce the cost, has begun to application and promotion in the industry. In view of the high concentration organic wastewater, theoretically established biochemical treatment organic matter removal rate and power

    Quantitative structure-activity relationship between the parameters, used to guide production site quality standard and gray water recycle wastewater biochemical treatment. At the same time, the development of the iron carbon reactor equipment, is applied to this kind of wastewater treatment

    , improve the processing efficiency. For super slim SS concentration of industrial wastewater, especially the window glass processing waste water, effectively solve the multistep classification of micron grade granules of grinding process to form hard to sink

    Drop easy blocking problem of membrane system, greatly improve the grinding wastewater effluent water quality in glass industry. Developed a low-cost fluoride wastewater treatment technology and equipment, the solar cell

    And mobile phone glass surface treatment industry has a large number of application and promotion.

    Project really made it into the technology, resources recycling, has realized the economic benefit, social benefit and ecological benefit coordinated development. And the successful application of unit two hundred

    Home. Recently, there are more than a dozen units to our company to discuss the application and popularization of the technology.


    View of environmental protection of the next always sticks to the philosophy of "continuous innovation excellence", to improve the technical ability and the comprehensive strength. By technical innovation, product innovation, market innovation,

    Service innovation and system innovation, enhance the company science and technology research and development ability and management level, enhance enterprise core competitiveness and brand influence, to "create beautiful homes, let side

    Environment has become more beautiful "and make unremitting efforts.

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