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    News | blue technology and key customers to view of environmental protection investigation of the ne
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    On March 27, A company purchasing operation management and technology line of visiting blue yue peng environmental protection group, hunan hunan Taiwan environmental protection of the next scene high and new technology development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "environmental protection" of the next scene). Guangdong shou-long liu peng environmental protection market vice President of blue line of a warm welcome.


    A company procurement operations management and blue technology on A visit to the scene of environmental protection of the next exhibition hall, research and development center, base construction, construction site said the prosperity of environmental protection of the next surface polishing waste material recycling products and future development, and hopes the two sides in the subsequent depth cooperation.


    This communication both sides around the surface polishing waste material recycling recycling technology and product development, the recovery of the valuable elements, the product quality, pollution control, as well as plant construction cycle and future industry promotion prospects etc. Carried on the thorough discussion, the two sides agreed should accelerate the promotion application and industrialization.


    Spent a lot of money in research and development view of environmental protection of the next year for the waste and recycling of solid waste recycling. According to the characteristics of the manufacturing industry chain of solid waste, the development of economy applicable resources recycling technology, realize recycling of resources in manufacturing system. The surface polishing materials recycling scrap utilization technology and the product can solve the problem of environmental pollution, which has good social benefits and environmental benefits.

    Tripartite cooperation in the future, and hope to cooperation development as an opportunity to build a more long-term and win-win cooperation mechanism, practice green development new idea, new standard of sustainable development, realize the multilateral win-win cooperation new opportunities. To create beautiful homes, let the bad border around better and make unremitting efforts!

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